Proverbs tell us that an unfriendly person comes to selfish ends. Unsound judgment starts quarrels. One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin. However, there is a friend who sticks by like a brother. 

Some Points:

  1. The Bible has plenty to say about problematic friends. Friends are one of God’s great blessings. Friends are a reflection of one’s own worthiness and a means of help in our own inadequacy. Friends are a precious responsibility. 
  2. We have the problem of choosing friends, of making and holding friends. 
  3. A friend can be like food for a hungry appetite – a balancing pole for walking the tight road of life – a golden link in the chain of life. We all have something in common. However, we are not all alike. We share in each other’s walk and work out our failings. 
  4. Friends from year to year are the best of all life’s treasure. Solomon makes it clear we should be selective on who we choose as friends. Do not make friends from a hot tempered person. Do not associate with those who are easily angered. For we may learn their ways and become ensnared. 
  5. Our friends can not be based on wealth, education, prestige or social standing but on the right kind of person. By our character, we should attract more friends and keep those we are already friends with. 
  6. Sour Godliness is the devil’s religion. Warmness draws people while coldness repels them. So be friendly and helpful in adversity – be the Good Samaritan. Some friends join you in the sunshine but disappear when adversity comes. This may determine who your friends truly are. 
  7. Humility is the key to socialising with all kinds of people. Do nothing out of vain ambition or vain conceit. Put others above yourselves. 
  8. Pride comes before a fall. Be a servant and do not fall for selfishness. Be tolerant and bear with each other. Forgive as the Lord forgave you and steer free of judgment. 
  9. Be sincere, truthful and honest. As the Golden Rule says – do unto others as you would have others do to you. Be a source of sincerity and strength to others by being stable. Be like a tree planted by streams of water that yields in season and whose leaf does not wither – and prosper. 
  10. Finally, be loyal like Timonthy was to Paul – not disloyal like Job’s friends. Do not have unreasonable expectations – we too are not perfect.

Good friendship weather’s the storms of life. Become a true friend. Enjoy this message.