Army Christian Services

Come on a spiritual journey with Chaplain Kyung Ee, as we seek to understand our true calling and inheritance. Paul prayed for us to walk into the perfection of Christ, which is spiritual maturity, being fitted out and equipped for ministry. Become a fisher of men under our great Shepherd and be His ambassador. Be restored and become the man or woman you are meant to be! Enjoy this message.

We all consider it a great honour and privilege to have friends and be popular. However it is not necessarily a dishonour to have enemies. As Christians we need to understand that we will meet with opposition and persecution as we stand for the things of God: righteousness, morality, virtues, ethics and the truth, and as we stand opposed the things of the world such as: sin, corruption, perversion and lies. This will put us at odds with people that believe differently to us.

Proverbs tell us that an unfriendly person comes to selfish ends. Unsound judgment starts quarrels. One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin. However, there is a friend who sticks by like a brother. 

The Bible has plenty to say about problematic friends. Friends are one of God’s great blessings. Friends are a reflection of one’s own worthiness and a means of help in our inadequacy. Friends are a precious responsibility. Therefore we have the problem of choosing friends, of making and holding friends. Good friendship weather’s the storms of life. Become a true friend. Enjoy this message.

To those who have been given much, much will be required. With that comes great responsibility to share God’s love and to be a good steward. That includes sharing our gifts, talent and wealth, to be there for our family and friends and to live out our own walk with God. Time can get away from all of this and this can be a great problem in our walk. That requires us to know our own frailty and to understand the measure and number of our days. By looking after ourselves and our walk with God, we certainly can do just that. God forgives and he will work out all things for our good.  Make a difference in your life today!

A sign of the Christmas season everywhere is Christmas trees, Santa Claus and carols. However, the story of Christmas is all about Jesus. He is the reason for the season. He is the reason why we celebrate. People can be busy and get wrapped up in Christmas business that they can be distracted from the true reason for the Season. We need to use the tools we have been given to get people thinking about the gospel – including music and the World Wide Web. Enjoy this message.

We have plenty to be thankful for. Sometimes we celebrate with a gathering or a feast. We need to do all all to the praise and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks for everything to the Father. People need appreciation and respect. However, people can use harsh words and are totally unthankful. We need to put everything in perspective. What is important to us? Are we thankful for our spouse? Why can people be so negative? Why do we complain? We need help. The answer is in Christ. 

Worry, fretfulness, anxiety or lack of care are factors that we need to overcome. Otherwise, worry can overcome us. Either we can be harassed or hindered with worry or live a life of satisfaction and faith. We need to reconcile these truths in our lives. There will be outside influences in our mood such as anxiety and gloom. But we do not need to open our hearts to the pressures that torment us. We are creatures of habit. Do not be depressed – seek Him. Change your thinking. Have faith! Be an overcomer! Trust in the Lord.