CCOM of Everymans - Ken Matthews

Ken Matthews

CCOM of Everymans Ken Matthews felt the call of God into the ministry of Everyman’s and commenced work in 1999 at Kapooka, serving the Army recruits and staff there.

In 2001 Ken went to an infantry battalion in Darwin, with a totally different type of ministry. During that time he had the privilege of being asked by the unit to accompany them to East Timor for 6 months.

In 2005 Ken went to Army Logisitics Training Centre at Bandiana. He found that more was required of him in terms of ministry, as he was and still is required to write an Evangelical article every month for the Defence magazine. He also preach quite a bit in Wodonga.

In 2011 Ken began ministry for the first time with the Navy and found the culture to be different.  Nonetheless their needs are the same, and it has been good for Ken to share with them in our Rec. Centre and down on the wharf.

In every case there have always been good opportunities to share the Gospel with Soldiers and Sailors.

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