The problem of time

To those who have been given much, much will be required. With that comes great responsibility to share God’s love and to be a good steward. That includes sharing our gifts, talent and wealth, to be there for our family and friends and to live out our own walk with God. We all need to be challenged from the pulpit and embrace change.

Time can get away from all of this and this can be a great problem in our walk. That requires us to know our own frailty and to understand the measure and number of our days. By looking after ourselves and our walk with God, we can do that. Exercise, rest and spending time with family and God are important for a healthy life.

Spending our time wisely in amongst a perverse generation keeps us healthy and ensures that the problem of time is managed well. Does that mean we can become idle? Certainly not! We cannot waste our life but grow up to overcome past mistakes. God forgives and he will work out all things for our good.

Make a difference in your life today!