The Problem of Discernment

Discernment is a gift from God that brings wisdom on how to lead our lives. It is our responsibility as Christians to respond to discernment, ensuring that we know the difference between good and evil. With wisdom comes great responsibility.

Will we make decisions for Christ or will we go our own way? Unfortunately, many fail to follow Christ because they love the darkness rather than the light and thus never reach their full potential in Christ. The religious leaders of the land failed to discern Gods visitation in Jesus Christ despite the overwhelming evidence before their eyes. The Pharisees preferred their office and tradition, thereby failing to make the ultimate decision to lay all this down before the cross to follow God.

Many fear to lose their life yet Christ said if you lose your life, you will find it. Many fear what people would think if they became a Christian. We need compassion. Our ploy should be to ask the question – will my actions bring glory to Christ? If your answer is yes, then you can be confident that you are making a decision using sharp discernment.